The Italian Room is dedicated to the Italian Family who bought the building in 1916 and later renovated it around 1923. The family's original surname was Pujia.  

The Pujias arrived in America from Nicastro, Catanzaro, Italy, on May 22, 1894 and 1896. They bought the original building and operated a shoemaker shop. Some time later they purchased Ross's grocery store, which at that time was across the street, and moved it to this location. At that time they changed their name to Ross. They lived in the rear of the building. The grocery store was sold in November 1966.

This room faces W. Crawford Avenue.  A few of its amenities are:

  • Private bath with 4' shower, liquid soap, shampoo and hair dryer
  • Smart TV with WiFi, Netflix, WebBrowser and many other apps (does not have cable or satellite)
  • Guest Robes
  • Two bed, queen and double
  • Extra pillows

Welcome ::  724-603-2533 or 877-892-8900               Availability       

Winter Rates Nov.-Mar.    -    $ 110.00  -  $115.00
High Season Rates Apr.-Oct. - $130.00 - $135.00
Based on Double Occupancy
Tax Not Included